MEDIA RELATIONS   Our team will find the best way for getting the right exposure for your company and brands. We will choose the right topics which can be transformed in news in a consistent and positive manner. Press releases, advertorials.
SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIN, blogging go all together or separately to fulfill your business objectives. We can generate the right content for getting close to your target. We will apply the perfect manner for transfering to your target your business objectives in a joyfull, original, accurate and memorable way. Business is not only figures. It is also about feelings you can generate and that can be linked to your business.

When you wish to organize a press conference, a press trip or events for launching products, conferences for your employees or collaborators, we can help you with creative and peculiar plans. Finding ideas with “attitude” is our goal and our… hobby. We said from the very beginning.


A satisfied employee is a productive employee. We know that you have already experienced this. Sometimes you have no solutions for getting your messages to them, how to listen them more attentive. We know how and when.


We all know that “That will not happen to me!” But what if? We can deliver strategic plan for preventing a crisis. Just speak with from the very begining when you feel something could go wrong. Don’t wait! You can waste big part of chances of avoiding the problem.


How to present your business in front of media or as speaker to different event. What should be your phisical attitude, how to structure your message these are a few from the tips we can deliver.